I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with most of our clients briefly by email or phone, and I thought you may like to learn a bit more about the person who built and oversees Babysitters Of Boulder, and The Boulder Nanny Agency.

My name is Genna Hackley. I have a degree in Biology from the University of New Mexico, and my first career was in managing infection prevention within a large hospital system. I supervised and trained staff, met with C-Suite leadership, spoke with patients, and I cleaned hundreds of patient rooms and bathrooms, sometimes in a ventilator and a hazmat suit! I also worked as a pharmaceutical safety analyst, quality-testing the sterility of injectable medications. I loved this career, and my babysitting business safely survived 2020 and COVID-19 in large part because of my foundation in infection control.

2019: my nephew and I learn about circles! 

I am one of five siblings, and two of my brothers have children: my 6-year-old nephew, my toddler niece, and her baby brother. Seeing them grow and learn is the joy of my life! Their exuberance for life is so bright.

When our office is closed and I take a break from thinking about my business, my favorite thing is going out to eat. I would happily go out to eat 8 days a week. My husband and I even got married at a restaurant venue, the Acreage Cidery in Lafayette, CO. I highly recommend that fun place and that view.

My favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and Sublime. One of my personal dreams is to see Robert Plant, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, live in concert. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and be a classic rock DJ or a rock music historian like Matt Pinfield on MTV.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about childcare. I am glad to be your childcare partner and helping hand.


Genna Hackley
Founder & Owner, Babysitters Of Boulder