Meet Our Founder

Genna Hackley


Our organization’s values.

We support busy parents, we engage children in healthy play and educational activities, and we respond to children’s needs with compassion.

We use sophisticated booking software and modern web design to facilitate convenience for clients and staff.

We promote a working environment where families and childcare providers are treated with respect and dignity. We use inclusive business practices, and we promote diverse intergenerational connections.

Genna Hackley founded Babysitters of Boulder in 2018.

Hackley began nannying in 2005 while completing her degree at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. She has devoted thousands of hours to caring for children of all ages from newborn to teen, including twin infants and toddlers. Her experience includes care for preemies and children with torticollis, hearing loss, speech disorders, intellectual development disorders (IDDs), autism, and nonverbal children. She has supported families who have living children and a child who passed away. Her continuing education includes incorporating children with disabilities into active play with their peers. Her other professional experience includes Human Resources, program management, and implementing lean systems of operation.

Hackley loves childcare work. For years, she was approached by parents asking how to find dependable and experienced childcare providers. Hackley’s fellow childcare professionals shared their challenges around finding respectful work environments and living wages. She observed that parents and caregivers need a well-directed way to connect locally. Babysitters Of Boulder now serves both groups, interconnecting families and caregivers and providing personalized service.

Hackley shares her time between Boulder, Colorado, and Richmond, Virginia, with her husband. She has two nephews and a niece who are the joy of her life! She oversees the hiring of each caregiver and continuously refines our services. She remains inspired to build this network of families and caregivers.