Agency Payments

Visitor registration - $35.00

This is a one-time payment

Daily booking payment - $25.00

This payment applies to each day you reserve a sitter

Hourly payment to your sitter

We use standardized hourly rates based on the number of children – see rates below

Rates reflect our sitters’ extensive experience, dependability, and CPR certification

Hourly Rates

1 child


2 siblings


3 siblings


4 siblings


Minimum Reservation

We have a 3-hour minimum, or for your sitter to be paid for 3 hours if you need them for less time.

Sitter-to-Child Ratio

A second sitter is needed if your booking includes more than 4 children, or more than 2 children under the age of two.


Your sitter will collect the hourly payment at the end of your service, and can accept electronic payment or cash.

Holiday Hourly Rates
  • 1.5x the standard hourly rate on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving)
  • 2x the standard hourly rate on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day
Arriving Back Early

​​If arriving back early, you will pay your sitter for your reservation as originally scheduled.

Booking Cancellation or Modification
  • If canceling with more than 48 hours notice – $25.00
  • If canceling within 1 to 48 hours notice, 3 hours of pay or 50% of the original reservation is due, whichever is more (this means that your sitter will receive at least 3 hours of pay)
  • If canceling within 1 hour of start time, booking’s full value is due to the sitter
  • Modifying a booking:
    • if reducing booking length with less than 48 hours notice, payment for the booking as originally scheduled is due to the sitter
    • if altering your booking to a time when your scheduled sitter is not available and must be replaced, cancellation fee above applies
Multi-family Hourly Rate

We permit visiting families to share 1 booking and 1 sitter. Each family must complete their own registration.

Hourly rates:

  • ​For care of a child such as a cousin or friend, +$10.00 per hour
  • For care of an additional child from that family, +$5.00 per hour
Hotel Parking & Mileage

Please reimburse your sitter if they use paid parking for safe parking near your hotel. In some cases, valet parking is the only option.

Please reimburse your sitter at 65.5 cents per mile if they drive your child in their personal vehicle. Your sitter will track their mileage.