How can I become a client?
  1. Complete registration here and review our policies. The cost of registration is $50 and we do not have annual fees.
  2. You receive a welcome email immediately with instructions to log in and complete your client profile.
  3. Once your profile is complete, you can place babysitting requests, which are monitored by an administrator and fulfilled by screened, capable sitters. We take bookings in our convenient automated system. See how it works, here.

To recruit a nanny, home manager or family assistant through The Boulder Nanny Agency, start here.

How do you screen sitters?
  1. Each candidate completes a personal interview.
  2. Candidates must have a minimum of 3 years of childcare experience, and most have much more. 
  3. We verify references.
  4. We process an extensive 7-year background check. Want to review what our background check covers? Click here.
  5. We process a driving record check.
  6. We collect proof of car insurance and valid driver’s license. 
  7. Team members are required to maintain CPR certification and to complete a renewal class every 2 years. 
  8. Team members have received the COVID vaccine at least once (medical/religious exemption honored). 
  9. The new team member completes an orientation regarding our standards of professionalism, confidentiality, and safety. 
  10. Our screening process does not end at onboarding. We continue to check in with the sitter and their clients, to verify that our standards are consistently met and that the team member has the support they need to excel. 

We prioritize hiring candidates who are kind, patient, responsive, and reliable. 

Are all of the sitters women?

We are an equal opportunity staffing agency. Our team includes women, men, transgender men and women, and nonbinary people. Please let us know in advance if your family has a non-discriminatory need to work with a babysitter of a certain gender. We may be able to provide accommodation in certain instances.

Can I use my employer's childcare benefit for this?

Yes, babysitting services are covered or reimbursable if your employer offers a Dependent Care FSA (DC-FSA). If your employer offers some other type of backup care plan, tell them you’d like us to be added to the list of approved vendors.

We partner with Colorado employers to offer childcare. Want your employer to partner with us? Let us know!

What are the hourly rates?

Our standard hourly rates for babysitting are available here.

Can you help me hire a nanny?

Yes, as home of The Boulder Nanny Agency, we oversee the recruitment of nannies, family assistants, and home managers. Explore our staffing placement page and consult with us to find the ideal employee match for your household. Start here.

Do you care for children with autism?

We have team members with experience caring for children with autism. Not all team members have experience, which may reduce the pool of sitters available. You can also contact Specialized Sitters in Denver. If you have questions please call us at (303) 749.1168 or email help@babysittersofboulder.com.

Can you drop off my child at school or an activity?

Our sitters are permitted to drive children. We have a 3 hour minimum, or for your sitter to be paid for 3 hours  if you need them for less than that amount of time.

Do I interview sitters before booking?

In order to provide service to a volume of families, we function by diligently pre-screening sitters and pairing a sitter to your request, rather than beginning with interviews between you and sitters. When a sitter accepts your request we send your confirmation email with your sitter’s contact information. You are welcome to engage in a brief introduction call (5-10 minutes or less) if desired, although this is not an interview. We work at your discretion and it is your right to decline to work with a provider. Please note that declining for personal preferences such as fit or personality does not constitute an exception to cancellation payment policies or other payment policies.  For bookings of several weeks or more, we may recommend completing one booking together prior to committing to multiple weeks together.

Sitter profiles are not client-facing for the following reasons:

  • Childcare workers experience a high rate of discrimination. Viewing photos and details before booking contributes to this.
  • We strive to prevent discrimination against your family, too. Although sitters can see the general details and location of your request, they cannot see your photo or your full address until they accept your booking.
  • Our sitters book very quickly, so looking through profiles is not an effective way to reserve care for a specific time & date.
  • We are a trusted brand. When sitter profiles were visible, many companies and families sought to find them online and contact them independently.
How do I pay my babysitter?

Your agency sitter will collect your payment at the end of your booking, before they leave. Sitters accept electronic payment such as Venmo, Zelle, or Apple Pay, and can accept cash. Please, no checks.